Contract for Discharge Permit 10-MA

10-MA Permit Requirements:

  1. Total suspended solids (TSS) 4 times/year
  2. Oil & Grease 4 times/year
  3. Lead 2 times/year
  4. Copper 2 times/year
  5. Zinc 2 times/year
  6. Sample Containers, Instructions, Chain of Custody, and Cooler for sample collection

We will supply sample containers with preservatives and chain of custody for collection in a cooler kit. The samples will need to be shipped or dropped off at one of our laboratories immediately after collection. Samples will be analyzed for requirements in permit 10-MA and results sent via email. We will fill out all necessary paperwork including quarterly discharge monitoring reports and mail to you for signature. You will then mail the reports to MDE.

Yearly Cost $880.00 to be billed quarterly
5% discount will be given if paid for year

Accredited Laboratory by National Environmental Laboratory
Accreditation Conference Standard
Certification # 1314
Maryland State Certified Water Quality Laboratory
Certification # 214